Pros, cons and risks of short term rentals

Posted 23 Aug '17

by Nick Gentle on
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This is a round table discussion of strategies, pros, cons potential pitfalls when planning or running a short term rental investment in New Zealand. We invited a successful short term rental investor / operator, a tax specialist and an insurance advisor to dig into a range of topics.

Topics covered:

  • Evaluating a market
  • Getting set up
  • How to stand out and market yourself
  • Different online platforms
  • Expected quality of fittings
  • Suppliers
  • Costs to run
  • Tax and structuring, including a crucial GST issue
  • How insurers look at short term lets depending on various scenarios
  • Potential cost implications of running a commercial operation in a residential property such as rates, insurance, tourist levies
  • The methamphetamine issue for insurance


Debbie Van Den Broek
Successful property investor and property finder

Kenina Court
Property investor and Property Specialist Accountant

Chris Lane
Property Investor and Insurance Advisor

Nick Gentle
Marketing at iFindProperty

If you have further questions you would like use to address or investigate about short term property investment please contact us.

Nick Gentle
Business Owner & Operations Manager
027 358 3855

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