Some things investors who have bought and sold through us have said.

We recently used Lauren as a buyer for 2 units in Hastings. It was a particularly stressful time for us as we had a lot of other things going on. Lauren was always calm, reassuring, professional and nothing was too big a problem, she assured us our questions were not silly.

Lauren doesn’t take herself too seriously and we could definitely have a laugh with her along the way. Looking back we can also now see that Lauren has a good understanding of the area and property prices. We would definitely use Lauren again.

Fred & Sharon Barnard

I just want to express a big thank you to Kate for all the work she has done for us in the short due diligence period we had. It’s hard for me to articulate how impressed I was by her coordination, effective communication and time management skills. I have truly learnt a lot from her and that knowledge is a bigger asset to me than the value of entire project can ever be.

Wellington Investor, 2019

We have been amazed by the assistance Kate provided, finding and securing the property was just the start. Next she was negotiating and liaising with plumbers, electricians, builders, insulators, roofers, agents, property managers and our insurance broker and mortgage broker to get everything absolutely sorted for us at the right time and price. Instead of being a worry it has been a breeze. I would heartily recommend Kate and iFindProperty to anyone looking for a problem-free property purchase.

Kerryanne Kerryanne Image

We knew we wanted to start investing in property in order to plan for security in retirement, but had no idea where to start. We read a lot of books, took a lot of notes, went to a lot of seminars and asked plenty of questions on property forums. We also talked to a few different places offering different types of mentoring. After all this due diligence (see, we already know the lingo!), we decided to sign up as Premium Buyers with iFindProperty.

Nick was so helpful and unbiased in guiding us, and has been extremely generous with his time as we navigated the start of our investment journey. He suggested we look in the Hutt Valley with Kelly, and was also able to put us in touch with the other members of our investment team (an independent mortgage broker and accountant) and to suggest the kind of property strategy we should be pursuing given that we want to build a portfolio.

Kelly too has been very generous with her time, and displayed saintly levels of patience when it came to our many newbie questions! She kept on looking for us until we found an excellent first investment property, and we are really happy with our decision.

Already we feel a bit less anxious about what our retirement will look like. We have no hesitation in recommending Nick, Kelly and ifindproperty, and we can't wait to use their services again when we're ready for our second purchase.

Catherine and Alan

Buying my latest investment property through Lauren at IFindProperty was pretty easy. She acted quickly, matched my criteria and went out of her way to keep the process smooth and stress-free for us. Having an experienced investor like Lauren working for you is an efficient and low stress way to secure the right property- we are looking forward to working with her again very soon


As first time, young property buyers we relied heavily on Kelly and her expertise. She did not disappoint. Kelly is a one stop solution to all your property issues. From helping us find the right house to helping us with the right contacts to get work done. All this with thorough professionalism and personal touch.

I think the thing that sets Kelly apart is her communication skills. She is prompt and proactive. We can't thank her enough for being our true guide.

Nikhil & Dhiraj

After 9 years of searching for a way to invest in an NZ rental property whilst in the middle east, I finally found iFindProperty. It was well worth waiting for. Not only have I now purchased my first rental property, I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge from working with a team of professional investors who have a lot more experience than myself to help me make informed and sensible decisions.

The entire team was there for me every step of the way, regardless of how many questions I asked! I feel like I have not only been introduced to an entire network of contacts, whom I hope to use going forward, but I have also gained friends.

Simon - expat Kiwi in Qatar

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all the advice, tips and encouragement you have given me the past 2 months - including over your Christmas and New Year holidays Janet!

I've loved every bit of the process and can't wait to do it again! I will be recommending iFind to anyone who will listen!

We finally have our much dreamed about, first rental and I am so pleased that I called you Maree. Janet was well and truly amazing and I am beyond pleased.

What a wonderful business you have set up.."

Angela Humble

Before engaging Peter Ambrose as our property finder, we had been looking for our second investment property for over a year in Wellington. We knew exactly the type of property we wanted and what our investment goals were, we just couldn't find the right property to make the numbers work. The process had been very tiring.

After meeting with Peter, we discussed what our goals were, what yield and cash flow we wanted to achieve and with our buying rules in mind, he quickly went to work for us. And within a couple months, Kelly and Peter found us a property that could turn into just under 9% yield after renovation!

That’s a pretty amazing deal and the yield is something we wouldn’t even of dreamed of a year ago.

Peter worked closely with us during the due diligence process. Just one day before going unconditional, the bank wanted a valuation done on the property. Peter called his contact and organised a valuation and got it done quickly. I have to say, I would never of been able to get the deal across the line without Peters help.

Buying a property was a lot easier with Peter on our side.

We would highly recommend Peter and his team to our friends and family, and we will definitely be getting Peter to find our next investment property.

James Wu

We have bought four properties this year, from different agents. We found Wayne Dickson to be the most helpful agent we have ever come across. He gave us a lot of “above and beyond” help. We live out of town, so the help was greatly appreciated.

Wayne also has a team of contacts for almost anything you can think of property wise, which we have utilised. This has saved us hours of time in building a network for our out of town houses.

I would highly recommend dealing with Wayne to anyone, he knows what he’s doing and we feel lucky to have bought a house from him. I would not hesitate to buy from Wayne again in the future.

Matthew & Angela Gill Matthew Gill Image

As fate would have it, I signed the Sales and Purchase agreement on the day I flew overseas for two weeks. With an eight-hour time difference, working through due diligence could have been a challenge; could have been if it wasn’t for the tireless support I received from Maxine.

Not to mention the amazing work she did in getting the property under contract in the first place. She provided updates, recommendations and was always available to meet people on-site during due diligence.

Thank you Maxine, and iFindProperty for making our recent purchase possible.

Barry Deed Barry Deed Testimonial

Our needs were a little different. Peter had the challenge of finding us an investment property that we would also be living in for the first 5 years.

Peter educated us on how investment properties can work for us as a family. He was super patient as he took the time to show us multiple properties throughout Wellington. When the time came to make a move on an apartment, we fully trusted his ability to provide measured advice for us to move quickly, and we are delighted with our purchase.

Bentham Ohia & Kate Cherrington Bentham Ohia Testimonial

We are out-of-town young investors and needed a lot of local knowledge and support. Margie from iFindProperty has been immensely helpful from the start. As it was difficult for us to travel to Rotorua, she has been very accommodating, so we could see as many houses as we could that suit our budget/need.  She had a chat with us to find out exactly what we were looking for and made the whole process very smooth. We were extremely happy with the process and the result we got dealing with Margie and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone else .

Won and Lina Won and Lina Image

Peter Ambrose worked with us as our buyer agent and after 2-3 months, we had a property under contract that was exactly what we were looking for!

After over a year spent looking for our first property, and being unsuccessful time and time again, we decided to take a different approach and engaged Peter to assist us with our search.

Our brief was quite difficult given we wanted something that would be suitable to live in now and would rent well enough that when we go overseas next year, we would be able to command enough yield to at least breakeven after including rates, insurance, property management and maintenance costs.

Peter got right to work spending time getting very specific on our requirements and was able to present us with a number of different property currently on the market. Through this period we learnt a lot from Peter through his experience as a property investor and coach given our objectives meant we needed to view the properties with an “investment lens” rather simply buying the first place that caught our eye.

We looked at quite a few over a period of 2-3 months and after missing out on some at Auction and Tender, we began to feel like we were never going to buy a property. However, Peter keep his finger on the pulse and soon after he came to us with what turned out to be the property that ticketed all the boxes!

Through one his contacts, Peter received a call to say that a city fringe Home and Income property hadn't sold at tender and that he should act quickly before it got advertised with BEO. Peter contacted us and we viewed the property that day. Within 3 days we had the property under contract!

We had managed to negotiate a 5 day due diligence clause in the contract, so we spent the week organising our builder and property manager to go through so we could set a budget for the work we wanted to do and also getting rental appraisals. Peter was with us every step of the way and contactable at all ours of the day to provide us with insight and advice on every aspect on the property. At the end of the 5 working days evaluating all the numbers, we were happy to proceed and so we went unconditional – our patience had paid off in the end and we ended up with a great property.

Peter was instrumental in the buying process. If we hadn’t engaged him to help us, we would have never known about this property or the circumstances around it, and therefore would have been unable to act so quickly with limited buyer competition at the time. And it was lucky we did, we learnt on the last day of our DD that there was a back up offer in waiting!

We learned a great deal from Peter, not only around the property buying process and the Wellington market in general, but also through his experience as a property investor and coach. We would highly recommend Peter to any person who is interested in finding an investment property in Wellington.

Declan McKeefry

If you want someone who knows what they’re doing, can use a very professional yet friendly approach, then Maree is the one. I asked her to sell one of my rentals and she did so quickly, with no fuss and got an excellent price for me.

Rob Bialostocki

I used Maxine to buy an apartment while overseas, she was very quick to reply to all my questions. Working with her made the whole process go a lot smoother. She understands the struggles of buying Property while overseas so she helped me out in anyway she could. I would highly recommend her.

Moemen Elbeltagi

We have purchased several properties through iFindProperty. Not have they found the properties, they have helped us through some very tricky due diligence period which they navigated like pros. Their can-do attitude and hands on approach is greatly appreciated and dealing with them is a real pleasure.

Steph and Paul

When we decided to sell our investment properties recently, we needed someone we could rely on and trust.

One name came immediately to mind, and as per our expectations, we were not disappointed. Wayne understood our requirements extremely well and carried out our instructions in a professional and timely manner. Liaising with everyone on our behalf, the transactions took place with no hassles, delays or problems.

Wayne provided us with good straightforward service - and always with a smile. I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to use his services. A+++ rating.

Steve and Sue Green

I am the former owner of a rental property situated at 9 Moa Place, Tokoroa. In January 2015 I placed this property on the market and listed it for sale with an estate agent in Tokoroa. After around three months I was forced to remove it from this agent as there had been little interest, the fees were high and I needed a quick sale.

I contacted Wayne Dickson about selling my property and his reply was prompt and professional. Wayne talked with me about a price and sale that would work with my own requirements and it was clear that what I wanted was what he sought, he made me the priority. After agreeing to terms Wayne sought about selling my property.

Wayne achieved this in a timely and efficient manner. What the Estate Agent has failed to do for me, Wayne was able to do in quick time. MY property sold for the amount I wanted it to sell for and the ease at which this was done amazed me. My lawyers were impressed with Wayne’s efficiency in regards to the sale and purchase agreements and there were no hiccups. The settlement date was even able to be brought forward to speed up the process.

What also made this sale great was that I was able to utilise Fiona Dickson who is Wayne’s wife. While the property was on the market Fiona managed to rent the property out for me at a high rent rate with good tenants. She became my Property Manager. The way that these two worked together was phenomenal and made it a “one stop shop” for all my property needs.

I would recommend both Wayne and Fiona for any property matters whether it be selling or renting the property. Their professionalism and commitment to their clients should be the envy of any local business.

Mike West

We decided to sell our much loved family home of 12 years so contacted someone whom helped us in the past, unfortunately he did not specialise in our current location and so we trusted his recommendation to Peter Ambrose.

I contacted Peter and we explained what we wanted after meeting and the rest was a blur as it happened so quickly. We found Peter friendly and easy to communicate with. His expertise was genuine and transparent, especially if there was something we needed clarified and unsure about. After first-hand experience we can now confidently and personally highly recommend Peter Ambrose and iFindProperty to others that need to go through what would normally be a stressful process of selling your property and home with ease and the least hassle.

Again, we express our thanks and much appreciation.

Ete and David

Debbie has been wonderful to work with. She was professional, thorough and has an inside knowledge about the Rotorua market. On top of this she is willing to share her extensive knowledge with her clients as she is on the side of the investor."

Wayne Chen

I have bought two investment properties through iFind in Tokoroa – so far! Wayne is great to deal with. He is very knowledgeable about the area, a great communicator and trustworthy. As I do not live in Tokoroa it is important for me to have someone local that I can trust to act in my best interest.

I highly recommend Wayne and look forward to working with him a lot more!

Investor Client

We've been very happy with iFindProperty especially your advice around investing outside of cities. Wayne and Fiona have also been great, giving lots of advice highlighting where to invest and where to avoid but particularly the details of the local housing stock and maintenance considerations.

We'll definitely purchase through IFP again

Kirk Matheson

I would like to impress upon you my gratitude for the amount and quality of work iFindProperty has put into making this investment work!

Without their help it would have been an impossible task to get into the Christchurch market. Their number crunching and area knowledge was the key to finding the right property for the right price.

Thanks to the iFindProperty team, I am now the proud owner of an investment property.

Jonathan Buchan

Maxine persevered with us investigating many properties in a very challenging market, before completing a successful purchase.

We were very pleased with her determination to find the right deal for us, in particular as we are out of NZ, and need to rely heavily on local knowledge and advice.

John & Penny

It has been a pleasure to work with Maxine on this purchase. I found her to be personable, responsive, intelligent & experienced, very helpful and available.

Nick Booth, Investor

Maree has always shown a very high level of integrity, transparency and flexibility and I believe iFindProperty offers great value – not only do you get a great property deal but the additional advice, assistance and recommendations make her service outstanding. I highly recommend Maree to anyone looking to start off on the right track in property, be they first timers or seasoned investors.

Adam El-Agaz

It is my pleasure to recommend Maree and the iFindProperty team, having had an excellent experiences with them.

I have been involved in property investment for over 10 years, and was glad to use a property finder as I have had first hand experience in the difference between being 'in the market' full time, amd searching after hours. They provided a deal I am thrilled with, packaged well with a very transparent process and all the cards on the table. With all the dishonest property investment 'experts' out there I was initially skeptical - however I have found iFindProperty to be honest and professional and have since recommended them to family and friends.

Thank you Maree and the team.

Tamzin Letele

I would like to thank and thoroughly recommend Maree to any future property investors. I have bought a property in Rotorua, but live in Hawkes Bay so due to work, family and of course distance I would not have had the time or commitment to have found the brilliant buy that Maree and her team found for me.

Thanks to Maree she made what could have been a rather daunting prospect into an enjoyable and exciting purchase. She offered me good advice on the property as well as pitfalls to avoid with any future purchases. It is obvious to me that she is keen to help future investors and goes the extra mile and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Mandy B

I've known Maree for about 10 years now. Without question, I would highly recommend Maree if you are thinking of doing business with iFindProperty.

Maree is extremely professional, knowledgeable about real estate and investing, and has the utmost integrity in all that she does.

Graeme Fowler

I would like to express my compliments, gratitude and appreciation to iFindProperty for all the help and advice given to me.

Through iFind I have recently purchased 2 properties in Rotorua, and in very close succession. This is my debut entry into the world of investment property. To a rookie such as myself it could be considered a somewhat harrowing experience. I couldn’t have asked for more obliging and helpful people to assist me in this process.

Nothing has seemed too much trouble when it has come to answering my queries whether by phone, email or text. 

I would highly recommend iFindProperty's service to anyone looking to do the same as I have just done. In my opinion it is money very well spent. 

Lorraine Rishworth

Being a busy professional couple my husband and I decided that our time was most profitable spent in our own areas of expertise. We were very keen to start a rental portfolio as interest rates were low, however quickly found that we would need to spend more time than we had available to make the right decisions on a property.

We were incredibly impressed with the speed and efficiency of iFindProperty. All of the work, negotiation, rental assessments, valuations and research was done and all we needed to do was to sign the dotted line. [iFindProperty] went over and above to help us make this deal possible, not only was the service genuine, but as we were based in a different town, they went out of his way to help us with our due diligence.

Without this service my husband and I would still be looking for that first rental - thanks so much and highly recommended!

iFindProperty saved us time which we never had.

Arnna Alexander

I decided to enlist the services of a property finder after becoming frustrated with Real Estate agents, who seemed more interested in promoting whatever they had on their books, rather than listening to my personal investing goals. [iFindProperty] gave some very sound personalised property advice and explained the purchase process very thoroughly.

I had some reservations initially about not purchasing the property in the 'traditional' way, but once the process got under way it all went very smoothly. Even taking the finder's fee into account, I purchased an Auckland apartment below it's market valuation, and with the help of iFindProperty am planning to do a renovation and get some new tenants in at a higher rent, all from my base in Hong Kong.

I have no hesitation in recommending iFindProperty and will definitely enlist their services again in the future.

Travis Taiaroa

Paula and I would just like to say a big thank you for all the help with getting this house. I know it wasn't an easy one and a lot of rushing and running around was done on our behalf. It never would of happened without you guys.

Dan Armstrong

Thank you iFindProperty. You did an excellent and professional job of helping me make my first property purchase. The property was superb in all respects, not least the value! You took the time to hear my issues and gave good sound advice, even putting me in contact with an amazing mortgage broker who got the finance approved in good time with little fuss. Thank you so much for making my first property purchase easy and positive. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other buyers. I look forward to working with you again!

Andrew B

At the beginning of September I contacted Maree, looking to invest in cashflow positive and equity properties. With the devoted help of Maree and her team, within four weeks I completed a purchase of three properties. All three properties financially hold themselves and all the numbers (like rent appraisals and valuations) fully stacked up.

Maree has been extremely professional and reliable. It reflected in the way she presented the properties and in the financial figures of the deals (which were accurate and realistic). Maree provided me with all relevant due diligence information (even if some of it might scare me away!). She acted with honesty and kept all information on the table.

I had worked with another property finder in the past, and was not that happy. I have learnt the hard way that the rental appraisal that was given to me was exaggerated and when I asked for things in the property to be fixed he got annoyed with me. That was not the case with iFindProperty.

I felt through the whole process that I was taken care of, that I had someone to consult with and someone to guide me (as I am relatively new to New Zealand). One of Maree’s greatest advantages was her very good communication with vendors. That meant enabling time extensions for due diligence (if needed and within reason), and negotiating everything that I needed from the vendors - whether it was the sale price or things that needed to be fixed at the property. Both on a personal and professional level, I would definitely be keen on doing more deals with iFindProperty in the future.

Danny Nissani

We recently purchased a property in Rotorua through Maree at iFindProperty. During our due diligence period she gave a variety of recommendations to consider for the required purchase - reno, property managers and builders. We did not feel pressured during the due diligence time, and openly discussed any concerns with the property directly with Maree, which she was incredibly helpful, and handled them in a professional manner. Post purchase, Maree continued to offer considerable assistance during the renovation, which we feel was a very important part of the transaction and service. The best part for us was the communication between ourselves and Maree to achieve a better than great outcome. Thanks Maree.

Russell and Emmah

I came across Maree when researching to find my first property investment in New Zealand while living and working in Australia. Being my first foray into property and doing it from an overseas location, I was apprehensive to say the least. I contacted Maree and straight away she put me on a path to better understand what I was getting in to.

Once a property that fitted what I was looking for came up on Maree's website, I jumped on it. With Maree's help, and the help of one of her associates, Jo Waters, I was able to purchase the property with very little hassle. With Maree's excellent communication skills and Jo's on the spot analysis and support, my partner and I purchased our first property from offshore in a way that put us at ease.

Eight months later we have finally come back to Auckland and got our first face to face look at what we have purchased. To our great delight the property is even better than we had envisioned and we will certainly be asking Maree and her team to help us with upcoming property purchases. I enthusiastically recommend her to all my friends and family who are interested in property.

Simon McKenzie

In the 12 months since we have known Maree, we have purchased a further five properties. This has far exceeded our expectation and we are delighted that we have been able to grow our portfolio to this. We are your typical Mum and Dad investors, wanting to set up an income for our retirement so that we’re not solely reliant on the Government (or our kids!).

A year ago, after a bit of research, we came across Maree’s website and decided we’d like to talk to her although we were skeptical from some horror stories we had heard about "property finders". Maree quickly put our concerns to rest. She knows her stuff and has an excellent way of communicating. In fact, communication is one of Maree’s strengths – she is articulate, open, professional yet friendly, and very approachable. Maree is very much a people person – she was interested in us as people first, looking at building a rapport and growing a trusting relationship.

Maree has a good business head. She was interested in hearing our strategy and any ideas we had in getting there, then seeing how it best fit with the service she offers. Maree is astute and switched on. She has a wealth of experience in property, including learning some tough lessons which she readily shares to avoid others making the same mistakes. We have learnt a lot from her, and have had fun along the way.

Through our dealings with Maree, a mutual friendship and respect has been born and it is to Maree’s credit that she is able to turn clients into friends – not always something that is easy to do! From a professional aspect, we definitely consider Maree a business partner rather than simply a service provider/client relationship. Maree has a fast turnaround and we like that. As investors will appreciate, there is the quick and there are those that miss out! We are busy professionals and we like to make quick decisions and move without delay.

Having said that, Maree is intuitive enough to give us time when we need it.

Maree finds amazing deals that have good yields and in only 12 months, we have been able to grow our equity by approximately $150K.

Another thing that we liked was that Maree has a wide circle of reliable contacts. Being remote investors, we needed to have people we could trust to assist us with our properties. Maree knows experts in many fields, including property managers, renovators, builders, valuers and real estate agents. She has connected us up with many people who now form part of, what we consider to be, our “team”.

We fully intend to purchase more property as we’re able and Maree is definitely our primary source. We have absolutely no hesitation in strongly recommending Maree to other property investors – you won’t be disappointed!

Dave and Tracey

I recently used Maree to help me find a property. I was very specific in what I was looking for in a rental and had a list of must haves, wants and even a "bonus". I then gave my price range to work with. Now this list was not an easy task, but Maree went out and found a property that ticked all the boxes. The only thing I was a bit nervous about was that I lived remotely from the property and it needed work. Maree came up trumps again by putting me in touch with someone that could project manage the work required and understood exactly what I wanted the end result to be.....and he was far cheaper than other tradesmen I had also obtained quotes from.

I would not hesitate at all in using Maree again and to tell everyone about her. She was professional, fast, diligent and really understood what I was doing.


Amongst all the various emails and communications I just wanted to say a big thank you for passing this property deal my way.

You've been totally professional and I appreciate your support and patience with me while I've checked out the various issues leading up to going unconditional.

Andrew Jary

By the time I was ready to purchase property, I had been watching Maree's website and receiving her emails for at least a couple of years, so I could see she had a good track record. Maree helped us through the buying process. She was responsive, efficient and practical and her advice made the process as smooth as possible. She also provides excellent post-sale support and can refer clients to other reputable professionals such as mortgage brokers and property managers. Working with competent professionals such as Maree definitely minimises the stress associated with major investment decisions. I will not hesitate to buy property with Maree again when the time comes.

Tamsin James

If you choose to proceed with one of Maree’s IP deals, rest assured that commitment, integrity, and communication will be part of the package.

It can get difficult when you commit to pursue an opportunity outside of your hometown because of due diligence requirements needing to be completed in an unfamiliar region, but Maree puts in much effort to help you complete the deal, and then she provides ‘after-sales’ support as well. More importantly, she promotes profitable deals (with upsides) geared to providing good cash flow - which is key to helping you sustain ownership of rentals in the long term. Highly recommended.

V Narayan

I recently purchased an investment property through Maree’s business and I found her service to exceed my expectations!! During our transaction I was admitted to hospital, making some of the required tasks difficult for me to complete within the given timeframe. Maree showed genuine concern and compassion for my situation, and with her constant support and willingness to go above and beyond what was expected, we got there in the end. Even after the deal was done Maree continued to assist with organising property management and renovations.

I hope to buy more properties through Maree in the future and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others. Thanks Maree.


Having purchased a number of properties through Maree’s “iFindProperty” service over the last few years, I can confidently say that Maree has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. She took the time to get to know my requirements and has the expert knowledge and skills to ensure that I got what I wanted, all in a friendly yet professional manner.

Maree has always shown a very high level of integrity, transparency and flexibility and I believe her service offers great value - not only do you get a great property deal but the additional advice, assistance and recommendations make her service outstanding. I highly recommend Maree to anyone looking to start off on the right track in property, be they first timers or seasoned investors.

Adam El-Agaz

As a Kiwi investor based overseas, there are three qualities that I look for when working with a property finder: great communication, integrity/trust, and the ability to source great deals. From my first communication with Maree I knew I was in luck. She provided open and honest information about the property I was interested in, kept me up to date on all progress related to the purchase, and I always felt as though I was getting all the information I needed, as well as getting a great deal. For those looking to invest without being on site, I highly recommend Maree as the partner you work with, as I am sure I will be working with her again.


I am delighted to write this testimonial for Maree.

We first met Maree 18 months ago when we bought an investment property in Kawerau. Whilst we have purchased properties before, this "property finders" situation was very new to us.

Maree made it simple and easy - so much so that our daughter and future son-in-law have just recently purchased their first investment property through her.Maree was so helpful to us all - she has a very sound knowledge and passion for what she does and ensures she keeps up with all trends and financial situations...I can't recommend her enough.

Andrew and Erica Beattie

I've been investing in Rotorua property for some 4-5 years and Maree has come to be one of my great Rotorua resource persons. She has found properties for me to buy, and buyers for me when I want to sell. Basing her business as she does on integrity and a total willingness to help people, she has become a good friend. I trust her absolutely and recommend her without reservation.

Alistair Babbage

As a ‘newbie’ Maree has been a great support for my first renovation!! From our first emails she made me feel like I was capable of achieving. Her friendly, caring personality has made me feel comfortable to confide in her, and her support has been fantastic!

Maree has guided me in all aspects of my investment; including purchasing a great deal, negotiating terms of purchase, sharing industry contacts, advise on where to purchase products and even assistance with rent negotiations. I’m grateful I met Maree and I’m confident I’m off to a great start. I will definitely be using Maree again to help me purchase more investment properties! Thanks Maree.

Rebecca Bartlett

Being property investors in New Zealand for over ten years, we regularly research for investments to increase our portfolio. During our research we registered on Maree Tassell’s website and noted properties of interest to us. As we were returning for a short visit to New Zealand (we live in Dubai), we contacted Maree for further information and a possible meeting. Our important first impressions were extremely positive – we soon learnt that if Maree said she would do something, that not only was it done, but it was done immediately and efficiently.

Maree’s friendly and approachable manner made us absolutely comfortable in discussing our business with her. During that first meeting (almost a day affair), we were shown the property of interest along with a number of other options; given a ‘feel’ for a city with which we were not familiar; and introduced to a number of relevant people who would become future members of our ‘team’. Another attribute which impressed us was Maree’s ability to show potential in various properties by suggesting ‘investment’ options.

Overall we have been totally impressed with Maree’s professional and efficient approach and are pleased to consider her part of our ‘team’. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her services to other clients.

Allan and Shirley MacLean

I have known Maree for 2 Years. My first introduction to her was in her capacity as a Professional Property Investor. I soon realized that Maree has a keen intellect, a sharp business mind and very clear ethics around how she does business. All traits that I admire Maree for and that, I believe is one of the many reasons why people like doing business with her.

As time has gone by, I have seen her demonstrate a very natural ability to coach and lead others, whether it be one on one with a client or with Real Estate people or in her role as the President of the Property Investors Association.

Maree shares lots of knowledge, energy and drive and gives freely to those around her. She has become a trusted adviser to many. At the same time she is curious by nature and is always asking, listening and learning. An absolute pleasure to work with and now also a great friend.

David M Martin

I have known Maree for some years now; we first met while I was working at the Council and she was investigating property files and scoping development potential for clients. Having witnessed first hand her professionalism and instinct for property, I was confident registering my interest in property investment with her. Since then I have not looked back! Both my father and I have purchased investment properties through Maree and we have been very impressed with her knowledge of property investing; but more importantly her honest candid approach in dealings. I have recommended Maree to friends and family and would advise others the same.

Anna Heap

We have been working with Maree for about 5 months to find an investment property. She has been great to work with and has gone out of her way to help us with whatever we have needed. She has high standards and integrity. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for property and look forward to working with her in the future. Thanks Maree.

Nichola Waugh and Duncan Trail

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