Have a Professional investor SOURCE you a

Great Investment Property.

Waiting for a deal to arrive in your inbox, or for an agent's call - in the hope that you get in first - CAN work, however hot deals go fast.

Why not skip all that and have investment property buyers agent directly source a deal that matches your criteria?

iFindProperty helps investors land great deals through one-on-one Buyers Agency, which we call our Premium Buyer's Service.

Premium Buyer's Service clients can expect to secure a great investment property within a few short weeks or months. You don't need prior investment knowledge, networks and won't have to visit a single open home! 

Work directly with an investor from our team, who will leverage their experience and contacts to source the best private, off-market and on-market investment property deals for you.

Our team only work with a small number of investors at any one time; they are laser-focused on finding a property that matches your criteria. 

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What is a Buyers Agent?

An iFindProperty Buyers Agent...

  • Is an active investor in the city or town where they operate.
  • Works exclusively for you, the buyer, not the seller.
  • Has access to local agents and deals through relationships built up over time.
  • Is a licensed real estate agent who assists the buyer in every aspect of the property purchase.
  • Is across the entire market, with no vested interest in any seller or selling agency.
  • Has access to more properties and connections than regular buyers, which opens up more options for you.

We work for a select number of clients in this capacity and strive to make this a hands-off and stress-free experience for you. Our clients come from all over New Zealand and the world, and they buy profitable deals in markets they don't know, can't easily visit, have no network in and often they start with investing experience. 

How it Works: Our 5-Step Process

  1. PLAN - We help you map your goals to real property criteria and introduce you to a broker and accountant to get prepared.
  2. SEARCH - We search for and analyse properties with the potential to meet or exceed your criteria. Many deals are not yet on the market or if they are, their potential has not been fully understood.
  3. ANALYSE, NEGOTIATE and POUNCE - Once we have shortlisted ideal properties we negotiate on your behalf and help you secure the deal.
  4. SUPPORT - Due diligence, inspections, appraisals... we connect you with our own trusted network so you get the benefit of an expert team.
  5. MOMENTUM - One becomes two, two becomes a portfolio. Everything we do is with this goal in mind. We're with you for the long haul.

The 6th Step

The last step that isn't a single step but will happen throughout the process is EDUCATE.
By working with our expert team you will learn FROM them and how they analyse properties, which in turn will make
you a more successful and resilient investor.

Premium Buyer Service Testimonials

Many Kiwis have turned to iFindProperty to source their first, or fifth, rental property.
Here's what some of them have said.

We have purchased several properties through iFindProperty. Not have they found the properties, they have helped us through some very tricky due diligence period which they navigated like pros.

Their can-do attitude and hands-on approach is greatly appreciated and dealing with them is a real pleasure.

Steph & Paul Role

iFindProperty was without a doubt the help I needed to secure my first two investment properties. They navigated me through the realms of the property market and has taught me a great deal about due diligence and adding value.

Amy Lau Role

iFindProperty helped us to find a cashflow-positive, multi income IP in a fantastic suburb of Christchurch recently; in other words, exactly the kind of property we had hoped for!

We would never have been privy to this deal without iFindProperty, they had access through an industry contact outside the open market.

Heike Downie Role

How to Apply

In order for us to fully focus on you, we only work with a select few clients at any one time.

Please email us through the form to register your interest. We will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

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