New Build Investments

New properties are becoming more and more accepted by investors as a high quality, low hassle, cost-efficient alternative to buying an existing property and "doing it up".

Why Build New?

Low maintenance

A well built newbuild property comes with a 10 year builders guarantee ensuring maintenance is kept to a minimum. What's more, low maintenance costs improve your cashflow.

Less deposit required

Under current RBNZ rules a smaller deposit is required for investors to purchase a newbuild compared to a second hand property.


The chattels depreciation is higher on a newbuild, which benefits your cashflow during the first 10 years. We recommend maximising your cashflow by having a chattels valuation completed.

Healthy homes compliant

Newbuilds are designed to comply with Healthy homes legislation, so no need to stress over retrofitting and upgrading to meet these requirements. New properties feature lower heating costs and superior safety and security.

Popular with Tenants

People love to live in warm, dry homes designed with contemporary décor and living. This ensures minimal vacancies.

Pay for your property tomorrow in today's prices

...and enjoy capital growth in the meantime. Since most new builds are not fully paid for until the house is finished, you receive the capital growth on the value of your asset throughout the construction period.


When you add up the financial impact of lower maintenance, strong rents, tenant appeal and strong potential capital growth, not to mention your own "hassle free" existence over the lifetime of your investment, buying new is an appealing investment choice to many. 

How do you buy "off the plans"?

Buying off the plans means you enter into a contract with a developer or builder to buy a house based on a specification, which is then built. There is a lot of information to carefully review when buying new and we help you understand it all, at the same time we help you make sure your purchase stacks up as a good investment.

Before we look at properties with you, we take the time to understand what you want to achieve and that you are set up to buy. Only then will we present options that we believe match with your goals.

It is vital to carefully choose your developer and to make sure the property will be a good long-term investment and fit your property investment goals. Over the years we have built up a network of trusted developers, who themselves understand property investment. You also need good supporting advice, so we will introduce a team of independent mortgage, legal and tax advisors to assist you along the way.

How do I start?

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