We are excited to offer our clients two ways they can invest in commercial property.

Option 1: Commercial Property Buyers Agency
Our team will source, analyse, assist with due diligence and do what is needed on a commercial property that meets your criteria. Read our recent case study.

Option 2: Managed Syndicate (wholesale investors only)
We have an exclusive partnership with a boutique syndicated commercial property provider.

You will get access to managed commercial property opportunities. You must be verified as a wholesale investor by them.

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Why are you interested in commercial property?
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What type of purchase are you interested in?

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Which classes of commercial property are you interested in?

I had a goal of purchasing 1 or 2 commercial properties as a long-term investment. Commercial property was an area I was very interested in, but I run a business and lack the time to gain expertise, and to make the ‘next step’ of putting an offer on. A big concern I had was that being time poor, I would make a rushed and poor decision, bid too little, or bid too much.

iFindProperty were fantastic. I was able to outsource the ‘leg work’, while at the same time getting expert guidance over the entire process. I made a number of new contacts and developed a level of understanding I could never have gained from reading books and attending courses.

Working one on one with Peter Ambrose was a real opportunity and also very enjoyable. It took around 6 months to finalise a deal, but I am comfortable my goals are reached. The financial investment in iFindProperty's buyers agency service was logistically and financially well worthwhile.