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Most real estate agents are flat out terrible when it comes to marketing a rental property. They don't understand the most important part, the numbers!

We love the numbers and have made a successful business helping kiwis buy and sell rental properties. We frequently sell properties that other agencies had on the market for weeks, sometimes even months, without getting a single bite because their marketing was so far off.

Please contact us below or by email to ask about selling your property or to request an appraisal.

We used ifind property recently to sell one of our investment properties in Rotorua. We found the service simple, efficient and were delighted with the time it took to sell. We thoroughly recommend this company and will use them again."

Thank you

Heather Johnson

If you want someone who knows what they’re doing, can use a very professional yet friendly approach, then Maree is the one. I asked her to sell one of my rentals and she did so quickly, with no fuss and got an excellent price for me."

Rob Bialostocki

The benefits to you the Seller:

  • We have a huge database of qualified buyers who are looking for property all over New Zealand. We also market your property on investment specific websites, and if you wish also on mainstream websites like TradeMe.
  • We will offer advice on the best strategy for your tenants. Investors usually like buying a tenanted property - as long as they are good tenants! This means there is less for you to spend and you receive rental income until settlement.
  • No "one size fits all" marketing plan, we tailor everything to suit your situation.
  • No "one size fits all" 90 day sole agencies, we work fast and efficiently and usually  list a property only for a few short weeks.
  • Open homes are optional, so are signs. Many vendors love to sell through us because of the low-stress experience for themselves and their tenants.
  • Whenever possible, we will only show a buyer who is already under contract through your property.
  • A tenanted property is attractive to investor buyers but the tenants face uncertainty when their home is on the market. The best result is a happy buyer with a still happy tenant!
  • We are licensed agents.

I have enjoyed working with iFindProperty and have had 2 successful sales in short order, both were properties that had struggled to generate enquiry when listed with a top local mainstream agent.

The sale process was easy and I achieved a good result and faster than I expected.

iFindProperty don’t talk up the price to win the listing, only for the agent to hammer you down later to accept a low price (while still charging top-dollar commissions and marketing costs). They understand that the price of an investment property is set on market yield and growth potential and their no-nonsense and simple approach to selling property is fair to all.

The mainstream agencies struggle with this approach because they really do not understand how yield or investment property works.

I appreciated the ethical and straight forward way they work with both their buyers and sellers. They truly want their clients to build a successful portfolio with them, so they coach them through the buying process with the future in mind.

If you are thinking about selling or buying an investment property, don’t waste your time with the mainstream agents, just go to iFindProperty. You’ll be glad you did.


If you wish to sell your property or request a free no obligation appraisal, please contact our agent in your area directly or submit the below form. We will be in touch straight away.

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