Nick Gentle

Marketing and Operations Manager


With a wealth of IT experience behind him managing projects in the Tokyo financial sector, Nick has combined his passion for property with his business acumen to join Lisa and Maree as business partners. Nick also has a strong personal link with iFindProperty as he started his property portfolio as a client of Maree's in the early days of the business.

He has invested in property since 2008 both on his own and extensively in the form of joint ventures. Along the way he has spoken with hundreds of investors, helping them gain clarity and purpose in their goals.

Previously Nick co-formed and built up a successful buyers agency in New Zealand from 2010 - 2013. He joined the iFindProperty management team in 2014 and looks after the sales, marketing and IT systems that make iFindProperty run smoothly. Nick is excited to pool his experience with Maree Tassell and Lisa Dudson, and shares their values about the "right way" to run a property business – i.e. by putting the customer first!

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