Mortgage Market Update with Squirrel

Posted 31 Mar '17

by Nick Gentle on
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Peter Norris and Andrew Mackay from Squirrel Mortgages interview Nick Gentle from iFindProperty on March 24, 2017 about recent shifts in the New Zealand lending market and what that means for property buyers.

Topics covered:

  1. What has changed?
  2. Impact on new builds and housing supply
  3. Will government intervene to increase building?
  4. How much change is driven by events in Australia?
  5. What about NZ owned banks?
  6. How the banks are interpreting RBNZ rules and adding their own policies
  7. Will it get easier or harder from here?
  8. Have recent increases in interest rates affected demand?
  9. How can an investor prepare in this market?
  10. What should they do to help the broker help them?
  11. How are non-banks filling the market gap to make deals happen right now?
  12. Don't focus on the cost of the deal if you will make good profit from it.
  13. How important is a pre-approval?
  14. How foreign income is being looked at by the banks now depending on where you live, your nationality, your employment and the ease of compliance with anti money laundering rules.

A big thank you to expert mortgage advisors Andrew Mackay ( and Peter Norris ( for your time.

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