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Hi and welcome to our FREE introduction to property investing.

What is this course?

A free 10-part series of lessons delivered by email. Lessons are sent one every few days over the course of a month, so that you can focus on one topic at a time.

This course is about the New Zealand residential investment property market and we focus on fundamentals, more than particular areas.

Most lessons have a homework component, to let you put what you learned into practice before moving onto the next topic. We believe the best form of learning is by doing, and that you should build a solid base of knowledge, even if it feels a little slow at times.

Best of all, it's 100% free.

What it isn't...

We steer well clear of financial advice for one thing (disclaimer). Because our course is online-based, we generally can't offer one-on-one coaching, however if during the course you decide you would like to meet a financial advisor or property mentor we are happy to make an introduction.

Who is it for?

The lessons are written for new investors, however they are reasonably in-depth so any investor will benefit from re-focusing on topics they may have covered a long time ago.

Bring a friend!

A proven tactic for seeing something new through to the end, is to have somebody else who can check on your progress. If you have a friend, relative or partner who you would like to take this on with, then please by all means invite them to join as well. There are some share buttons below the registration form.

How do I start?

Simply fill in your details below and get started. Your first lesson should arrive within a couple of minutes. You will also receive other educational emails from iFindProperty, as well as our latest property deals.

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