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Genuine growth potential in a stable and secure environment with strong employment and income levels, means Wellington must be on the radar of any serious investor.

From technology and digital creativity, to primary industry and food production, the economy is diverse and export-focused. Partly thanks to the government sector, the Wellington economy is more resilient than the rest of the New Zealand's economy, and more able to withstand shocks such as falling commodity prices.

Wellington, along with Auckland has the highest GDP in New Zealand - more than half of employment in Wellington is based in medium and high-skilled work.

See more information and stats about Wellington and meet the iFindProperty team on our Wellington page.

Nick, Peter and Suzanne hopped on a Webinar to discuss recent happenings with property and Covid-19 as the country prepares to exit level 4. We then dove into the Wellington market and look forward to see what life holds for the capital.

For those of you looking to invest in a solid market with good returns, Wellington is still the place to be. I would like to give you an update on the Wellington market as I see it and offer some slightly different views.

How I recently helped a young couple looking for their first home. This couple had become very frustrated after missing out many times in a market where most properties were going to tender or auction. They were looking for a property that would be suitable to live in now as well as to hold long term after they have moved on.