Creative Strategies

Property investment is a funny game. Every so often a great deal with very little to do will just fall into your lap. This is much more common in a down-market than a hot one, when there is a lot more buyer competition, so even then you could say that you are moving against the grain by buying when others are not.

If we define "creative", AKA buying with a "twist" as anything different to buying and renting the property out, it can mean deals like...

  • Remodeling to add extra bedrooms
  • Converting a house into two units
  • Extending the house
  • Subdividing to build or sell
  • Building or relocating on the spare land
  • Change of use
  • Non-cosmetic major renovations - such as a reclad
  • Furnishing the rental
  • Renting out rooom by room
  • Renting to social housing
  • Renting out on AirBNB

Many of these, but not all, give partial or complete exemption to the interest limitation rules for the property, so by being creative it can be easier to build a portfolio during a time when there are a lot fewer buyers in the market. 

Our team of property finders are focusing on a few strategies this year 

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