We will help you buy a great Investment Property

Waiting for a great property to arrive in your inbox or for your agent to call - in the hope that you jump into line first - CAN work, however the best deals are quickly snapped up.

There is a better way. Our buyers agency service lets you bypass the logjam and have a professional investor search for a deal that best matches your criteria

This way of buying has become so popular that most properties we sell at iFindProperty are now through the Premium Buyer's Service.

Work directly with an investor from our team, who will leverage their experience and contacts to source the best private, off-market and on-market investment property deals for you.

We work for a select number of clients in this capacity. For you, "work" might be the wrong word, as we strive to make this as much a hands-off and stress-free experience for you as possible.

Looking for a Trade Opportunity?
While we understand the advantages that trading brings, this service is for longer term buy and hold deals. Traders usually go cash unconditional very fast - because they are local, know their market well, have a builder on call and are prepared to take the risk. Our clients require more surety and as buyers agents we cannot guarantee a sell price in the future. For this reason we only work with those looking for buy and hold investments.

Our 5-Step Process

  1. CONSULT - We help you uncover your property buying criteria to help you meet your goals and get you prepared to invest.
  2. SEARCH - We use our vast tools and connections to uncover properties with the potential to meet or exceed your criteria. Many properties are not yet on the market or if they are, their potential has not been fully understood.
  3. NEGOTIATE - Once we have shortlisted ideal properties we negotiate on your behalf.
  4. SUPPORT - Due diligence, inspections, appraisals... we connect you with our own trusted advisors every step of the way so you get the benefit of an expert team.
  5. MOMENTUM - One becomes two becomes many, and over time your portfolio will become a wealth-generating force of nature. Everything we do is with this goal in mind. We're with you for the long haul.

The 6th Step

The last step that isn't a single step but will happen throughout the process is EDUCATE. By working with our expert team you will learn FROM them and how they analyse properties, which in turn will make you a more successful and resilient investor.

What is a Buyers Agent?

An iFindProperty Buyers Agent...

  • Is an active investor in the city or town where they operate.
  • Works exclusively for the buyer, not the seller.
  • Is a licensed real estate agent who assists the buyer in every aspect of the property purchase.
  • Has no vested interest in any selling agency.
  • Has access to more properties and tools than regular buyers, which opens up more options for you.

How to Apply

In order for us to fully focus on you, we only work with a select few clients at any one time. Please email us through the below form to register your interest. We will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

We have bought four properties this year, from different agents. We found Wayne from iFindProperty to be the most helpful agent we have ever come across. He gave us a lot of “above and beyond” help. We live out of town, so the help was greatly appreciated.

iFindProperty have a team of contacts for almost anything you can think of property wise. This saved us hours of time in building a network for our out-of-town houses.

Matthew Gill
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