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We invited an investor, insurance advisor and property tax specialist to a round table discussion of strategies, pros, cons potential pitfalls when planning or running a short term rental investment in New Zealand.

by Nick Gentle, under Blog View

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We work really, really closely with our property managers in all markets. Our value as a business is to unearth properties that will make good rentals, either as they are today or through unlocking hidden value via a renovation or some development. A good property manager is key, not only to confirming our assessment on a property, but also of course our client’s ongoing experience as a landlord.

by Sabine Slade, under Property Management

Sabine Slade lives with her husband in Kawerau and manages properties in both Kawerau and nearby towns. She and her husband own and manage a number of investment properties throughout the Bay of Plenty and recently word has got around and she has started to take on managements for other investors. She looks after a property each for both Nick & Maree and we love working with Sabine.

We asked Sabine for her thoughts on what makes a successful property manager in smaller markets, where vacancy risk can be very real for Landlords.

by Graeme Henderson, under Property Management

It doesn’t cost a thing to get a rental appraisal upfront, but not getting one could cost you heaps down the line.No two apartments are created equal. There are good apartments that will attract a high rent and seemingly good apartments that won’t. Knowing the difference will make all the difference between a successful investment and a poor investment, says Graeme Henderson, principal of Quinovic Apartmentsonline.

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