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While some details have been changed, this is a story of a recent student. Jess didn’t particularly like her job and joined seeking financial freedom through property.

Jess owned her own home and could get new lending to purchase an investment property up to $500,000, which wasn't enough to get "anything decent". Her goal was to quit her job and work in property full time. Her question to us - "what should I do?"

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by Peter Ambrose, under About Property Investment

A glimpse into what our team assists clients with during the due diligence period of a potential purchase. Just what is required to do your analysis in the time allowed takes a bit of experience and as you can see, there is often more to it than just emailing the contract to your lawyer and bank.

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We work really, really closely with our property managers in all markets. Our value as a business is to unearth properties that will make good rentals, either as they are today or through unlocking hidden value via a renovation or some development. A good property manager is key, not only to confirming our assessment on a property, but also of course our client’s ongoing experience as a landlord.

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We were very pleased with the determination to find the right deal for us, in particular as we are out of NZ, and need to rely heavily on local knowledge and advice."