Past Listings

28 Sunrise Avenue
Owhata, Rotorua
Dual Income
$560,000 View
94A Clayton Road
Mangakakahi, Rotorua
3 Double Bedrooms / Sunny / Tidy
$312,650 View
6 Fife Place
Add Value / 3 Bedrooms
$179,000 View
12A Ruihi Street
Victoria, Rotorua
Dual Income
$495000 View
9 Tainui Street
3 Bedrooms, Renovate Home
$265,000 View
13A & 13B Titoki Street
Castlecliff, Whanganui
Dual Income
$363,800 View
60C Mosston Road
Castlecliff, Whanganui
$139,750 View
84 Ranolf Street
Central, Rotorua
Central, Low Maintenance
$636,000 View
73 Sunbrae Drive
Silverstream, Wellington
2 x 2 bed, low maintenance, concrete brick units in high end suburb, Value add potential
$670,700 View
615-621 Miller Street & 501 Albert Street
Hawkes Bay
5 centrally located flats, includes small lawn, tidy condition
$1,110,000 for all five (can also be sold separately) View
19 France Road
Bluff Hill, Hawkes Bay
1930's property converted into 4 flats
Offers Over $750,000 View
64c Fairview Road
Western Heights, Rotorua
Dual Income / As New
$537,710 View

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