Free Property Investment Course

My wife and I have been involved in property investing for 10 years and right from the beginning of the iFindProperty course we saw huge value. It enabled us to look our situation objectively and gave us more confidence in moving forward.
Kirk J Auckland

What is in this course?

Our popular property investment course teaches you how to invest in the New Zealand property market and achieve your goals. You will get a lesson every couple of days on a range of topics including goal setting, equity, cashflow, finding properties, managing properties and more.

There are more than a dozen lessons and feedback has been fantastic.

Most lessons have a homework component, to let you put what you learned into practice before moving onto the next topic. We believe the best form of learning is by doing, and that you should build a solid base of knowledge, even if it feels a little slow at times.

Best of all, it's 100% free.

Not financial advice

The course does not contain any financial advice. It is educational material for people who are already interested in property investment and wish to learn more. Please view our disclaimer.

Who is it for?

The lessons assume no prior knowledge, however they are reasonably in-depth so more experienced investors have said they found them valuable.

How do I start?

Simply fill in your details below and get started. Your first lesson should arrive within a couple of minutes. You will also receive other educational emails from iFindProperty, as well as our latest property deals.