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iFindProperty has operated in Rotorua for many years and is well known as the #1 agency for buying and selling investment properties in Rotorua.

Whether starting your property investing journey or adding to your portfolio, Rotorua is an ideal hunting ground.

The city is one of New Zealand’s top tourism spots. It has GDP and population growth above the average for the country. It is centrally located and offers an enviable lifestyle choice with its forest and lakes, mountain bike trails and thermal hot springs to name just a few of its attractions.

It is a place where the concept of public and private development partnerships is really working. From council working with iwi and corporate entities (like Pukeroa Lakefront Holdings and Red Stag) to government contributions to events (like Crankworx and the Tarawera Ultramarathon) the city is quietly booming.

You might expect house prices to be up there with Queenstown, right? Wrong!

In fact median values and sale prices sit around $200,000 below neighbouring cities of Tauranga and Hamilton!

This gap is closing. In the year to June 17 house prices in Rotorua increased 18% compared with 6.7% nationally. We believe this trend will continue as first home buyers and lifestyle seekers flock to this affordable paradise.

In fact, in Rotorua it is possible to have your cake and eat it too. High yields and positive cashflow properties that also deliver solid capital gains. For a slice of the action contact us now to find the ideal property for your portfolio.

Rotorua at a glance
Population 68,400 (2013 Census), estimated over 70,000 now
Tertiary Education Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
Main Industries Tourism, Forestry and wood processing, Geothermal (including energy) and agriculture, Sports & Leisure, Maori arts, craft and culture
Public Transport City Ride Bus - 10 different routes around Rotorua also offers a service daily from Rotorua Tauranga

Rotorua has traditionally been a low-cost, high cashflow destination for New Zealand investors. While yields have dropped in recent years, Rotorua is still quite cheap relative to other popular property markets.

When buying in Rotorua it is important to know your areas and even streets. Often the returns offered in Rotorua can make the city look like a city of gold to a newcomer property investor, even after the recent increase in values. However, many popular rental areas are still low socio-economic zones so if you don't know what you're doing you can wind up stuck with a problem property in a bad area.

Maps:  Rotorua Suburbs

Cashflow Positive in Central Rotorua

Multi Income / Add Value Potential

1325 Hinemoa Street, Central, Rotorua


Want to see what some of our investors have been buying? Look no further! Debbie shares a couple of recent deals in Rotorua.

iFindProperty is a licensed real estate agency and we cover all of the Rotorua region. Debbie is a successful investor herself and the best in the business at helping other buy, or sell, Rotorua investment properties.

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iFindProperty have been wonderful to work with. They are professional, thorough and have inside knowledge about the Rotorua market. On top of that they are willing to share their extensive knowledge with their clients as they are on the side of the investor."

Wayne Chen

iFindProperty runs a full-service property sales operation. We are investors also so work with an agent who understands YOU and get great results with minimal disruption to your tenants.

Please contact one of our team below or enquire through our website.

We used ifind property recently to sell one of our investment properties in Rotorua. We found the service simple, efficient and were delighted with the time it took to sell. Having a predetermined net price which included all fees made this a very enjoyable experience. We thoroughly recommend this company and will use them again."

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