Andrew Fleming creates a Property Portfolio and Renovates ...from his wheelchair!

A couple of weeks ago we had Andrew Fleming speak to the iFindProperty team. Andrew has faced huge adversity in his life after becoming paralysed in a quad bike accident in October 2000. The room was silent as he told us about how his situation seemed hopeless, lying in a paddock with a broken back wondering if anyone would find him in time.

He talked about how things can get worse before they get better. After coming to terms with the painful reality of what a spinal injury would mean for his future, he was home for Christmas positive about the future despite being paralysed. His wife dropped a bombshell a week after he got home when she announced she was leaving him. On top of all this ACC assessed his income on the worst year in ten years of self-employment. His income compensation was just $265 a week. How could he live on that? He felt broken, worthless and alone, it was very challenging to see positive choices and he got quite depressed.

His message was that whatever the challenge, we have the power to choose to see a solution. Sometimes the only choice he could see was a small glimmer of hope. He learnt that if he went with that glimmer of hope it usually lead him to a place where he could see a solution.

Andrew proved this message to us as he explained how he figured out how to renovate his rental property from his wheelchair after a tenant trashed it, as he didn't have money to pay painters. He increased the value and the rent and repeated the process. He now has four properties he has renovated himself and has increased his assets from $50,000 to $500,000 by leveraging his strengths and his assets.

Having improved his income he now had money to play with. It is really important we have something in our lives we are passionate about. For Andrew one of those passions, since he was eight years old, has been snow skiing. He is now back on the ski slopes, having invested in a sit ski.

Click here to view video of Andrew skiing.

Andrew has turned adversity into opportunity by sharing his story; as an Inspirational Speaker he uses his story to inspire and motivate others to see solutions for challenges that seem impossible. He is also working in the insurance industry around the need for personal risk insurance and awareness of just how easily serious life changing events can happen.

Andrew also has a book written and ready to publish titled Change the Channel - An inspirational story of taking control of situations that seem impossible. The book tells his story of surviving and overcoming a serious spinal injury; what it took and how he overcame challenges that seemed impossible to come out on top and own multiple rental properties, return to his favourite sport and live a fulfilling life despite being paralysed. He talks about the need to plan for the unexpected to ensure you can live a fulfilling life no matter what life event may happen. He is currently working on a partnership arrangement for publishing of the book.

As a coach he shares his story with his clients which he says helps them to minimise the challenges holding them back, and works with them on their mindset to help them achieve their dreams.

Click here to learn more about Andrew and to receive a complimentary chapter of his book.

By Lisa Dudson

Andrew Fleming's Contact Details:

Mobile: 027 471 8869

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