Property Investment Specialist

Licensed Salesperson - REAA 2008  
021 468 554

Persephone Singfield.

Persephone began property investing in 2002 and has a wealth of experience with long term buy & hold, trading, renovation and development investments.

Persephone thrives on good relationships and adds a warm, personal touch to her professionalism. The first house she renovated was in her homeland, Canada, in 1992 where she learned she had a knack for it and wasn't afraid of getting her hands dirty! This led to several renovations and home improvements when she later moved to New Zealand and thus began her background in property investment.

Persephone both assists investors with finding properties, as well as coordinating community based commercial and housing development projects within the social enterprise sector.  

Founder of Courage My Love, Persephone is also a Yoga Teacher and is an active member of the YogaNZ Council advisory group for Yoga professionals.