Kathryn Hugill

Debbie Van Den Broek

Property Investment Specialist - Hamilton


  027 809 7048

Kathryn loves helping investors achieve financial freedom through property, with strategy development, property finding and adding value for cashflow and capital gain.

A property investor herself, with a passion for property in all its forms and many years of property renovation and new build success, Kathryn's goal for investors looking to Hamilton, is to exceed their expectations while delivering exceptional results.

Starting out as a child obsessed with building Monopoly property empires, Kathryn’s drive, commitment and tenacious attitude are innate with a determination to constantly improve both herself and the lives of those around her.

From an early career as a midwife, Kathryn went on to graduate with a Post Graduate Diploma in Strategy from the University of Waikato, and has developed a career in Strategic Planning within health and investment. 

Kathryn can add value at every stage of your investment process, through identification of a strategy and plan, to in depth research, proactively locating ‘on’ and ‘off market’ opportunities, feasibility to ensure it aligns with your goals, and assisting with renovation/new builds aimed to add value via increased cashflow and capital gain.

Her expertise ensures the best value at every stage, ensuring you save time and money. Whether single-property investments or building high-performing portfolios, she can help you achieve your property interests and goals.

Kathryn manages a Hamilton "Hotlist", a premium service for investors looking to buy in the area. If you want to invest in Hamilton or learn more about opportunities there, contact Kathryn today.

You can contact Kathryn via the form below, or email directly.


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