Daniel Saxon

Dan Saxon

Buyer's Assistant - Auckland


  027 932 0050

Dan has been a keen property investor in the Auckland market for a number of years now.  He started his education in property investment when he was 18, when he read every book he could get his hands on. This natural passion, along with his degree in Statistics and Mathematics has enabled him to become very good at analysing potential investments.

With a background as a high school teacher, Dan is a good listener and communicator. He gets a lot of pleasure from helping others to get onto the property ladder, something he has always done for friends and family over the years. Working with iFindProperty clients is a natural progression for him.

Dan really enjoys talking property and is able to see past cosmetic blemishes, the potential to add value with renovation and alterations as well as development. He self-manages his properties, enjoys the “hands on approach” and does most of the maintenance and renovations

He believes buying the correct investment property is crucial to long term investing and this all starts with good planning. 

Remember, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”

Get in touch with Dan today for a coffee or chat to see if he is able to help further your rental portfolio or help start one.

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