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While some details have been changed, this is a story of a recent student. Jess didn’t particularly like her job and joined seeking financial freedom through property.

Jess owned her own home and could get new lending to purchase an investment property up to $500,000, which wasn't enough to get "anything decent". Her goal was to quit her job and work in property full time. Her question to us - "what should I do?"

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by Michael Mackinven, under Investment Strategy

Most investors are familiar with the saying, "You make your profit when you buy."

So how do you consistently do this? There are a two very common schools of thought; firstly, to buy properties with high yield and secondly to purchase the worst house in the best street (or suburb)...

by Peter Ambrose, under Investment Strategy

Any investment strategy should always start with identifying what type of investor you want to be, and how residential property will fit into your long term goals.

Before you do anything else you must clearly define what your long term property goals are. You may want to supplement your retirement income, use property to pay down your own mortgage, you might be more aggressive and want to replace your salary....

by Nick Gentle, under Investment Strategy

Today I want to write about a topic I am asked about a lot – how to put together a joint venture. However this article should really be “how to put together a joint venture so you don’t lose the shirt off your back, your friends, your sanity, all your free time and a substantial amount of money”.

by Lisa Dudson, under Investment Strategy

How many investors achieve what they really want? Probably quite a low number. Why is this? It’s probably because most investors don’t have a good long term plan that they regularly monitor and adjust.  Read the five things every investor should know to help achieve thier goals.

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