Past Listings

40 Draper St
Richmond, Christchurch
2br 1ba Unit
$344,100 View
56 Fergusson Street
1 x 2 Bedroom Flat, 1 x 4 Bedroom Flat
$185,000 View
18 Cargill Street
3 bedroom
$139,000 View
185 Balmoral Drive
3 br, 3 x gar
$145,350 View
253A & 253B Clayton Road
Pukehangi, Rotorua
2 x 3 Bedroom Homes
$400,000 View
37 Resolution Road
Welcome Bay, Tauranga
3br + Rumpus, 1ba
$496,790 View
149B Sunset Road
Mangakakahi, Rotorua
2 Bedroom
$160,350 View
19 Roosevelt Road
Western Heights, Rotorua
3 Bedroom
$225,695 View
42 Fairview Road
Western Heights, Rotorua
3 Bedroom, Potentially Subdividable
$230,810 View
West Coast Road
Glen Eden, West Auckland
4br 1ba (2wc) + 2br 1ba
$895,240 View
2nd Property Cameron Rd
Gate Pa, Tauranga
3br 1ba
$358,685 View
140 Raroa Road
Aro Valley, Wellington
2 x 4br / 1ba
PBN View

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